“Intelligent, Trainable Athletes”

We strive to improve on, while preserving the true legacy and founding bloodlines of the SA Boerperd. Since 1978.

Klinker Stud are SA Boerperd breeders of intelligent, trainable athletes suitable for all disciplines. Our breeding focus is on temperament, handling under pressure, movement and conformation. We honour the legacy of the founding bloodlines and the true characteristics of the SA Boerperd. Our founding bloodlines date back to the notorious Eggo1, via Lang Carel Stud.

Our goal is to breed Intelligent Trainable athletes for all disciplines.

Our Horses grow up in a herd environment where they are exposed to discipline at a very early age and are therefore more susceptible to discipline and training.

The following aspects are important to us.


Handling under pressure

Movement and build

Intelligent Trainable Athletes

Our stud has bred some of South Africa’s finest SA Boerperde, including many Champions and top studs.We are exceptionally proud of our successes,achievements and the riders who have exhibited our horses so professionally.Our horses are bred for both professional sport and leisure, and their temperament, intelligence, discipline and versatility allows them to flourish in both.


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